Morsi, The Person of The Year, or Who Do You Fear?


We, the Egyptians who are pro-the 25th of January Revolution, will never accept another dictator. It is not possible for a dictator to rule Egypt and for this dictator to think he can do so is very insulting to the Egyptian people.


Let us remember that around 50% (approx. 10 million people) of the presidential votes went to Leftist candidates while 25% of the votes went to so-called ‘Liberals’ or Right-wing candidates. The remaining 25% went to the authoritarian Muslim Brotherhood with their political Islamism, trying to force one (fake) identity onto the Egyptian people with all its diversity. Confusing the ignorant and the naive and leading Egyptians to fight one another.

The Egyptian identity is one of centrism and moderation. Sure, extremism does exist, but that is not the rule. The bigger problem is ignorance, which can usually lead to extremism, but you have people in power who are not ignorant but who use the ignorance of some Egyptians to their benefit, that is political Islam. The unity of Church and State which has lead Europe into the Dark Ages.

Of course, in addition to the 20+ million voters, we have around 60 million non-voters (aka the Couch Party).

Morsi is leading the votes in TIME magazine as the person of the year. In a year that may be the end of the world according to some. I don’t believe in such 2012 theories; nevertheless, we are living in strange times and there’s an apocalyptic feeling in the air, worldwide.

Tahrir Square (and any square for that matter) is a symbol of the people’s will and it is way more real than TIME magazine’s polls or CNN‘s lies or what have you!



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